Being enthusiastic about building teams and products as well as disruptive approaches in industrial environments -  bringing people together to change for good. 

I am a believer in purpose-driven alliances and projects where each partners or team members strengths increases each others value through the combination of knowledge, know-how, intercultural experiences and different viewing angles. 

Purpose, seen beyond "making money", will drive any alliance and team to its best outcomes. New technologies in the field of  Augmented / Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will additionally open new dimensions for such alliances in engineering, education, art, charity and others. 

TAIVR summarizes my passion about how new technologies like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are going to support and change our traditional perception of society and business.

Interested in discussing visions? Developing purpose-driven joint alliances and team approaches? 

Contact me at n.noack@taivr.net or LinkedIn

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