Interim Manager, Mentor,  Advisor,  Sparring Partner and Leader

From R&D to Product-Market-Fit, Mass-Manufacturing and Operational Excellence.


- Product-Market-Fit Evaluation and MVP Definition
- Start-Up Pitch Preparation Support for different target groups (VC, R&D partner)
- Product Roadmap Development & Hardware/Software Roadmap integration
- Requirementmanagement setup and implementation
- After Sales Service (Maintenance/Ops) planning, Total Cost of Ownership evaluation
- Team-Market-Fit Check and Skill Roadmap

Strategic Growth Implementation and Change Management Strategy and Execution

- Strategy and implementation of Agile Company Culture & Mindset
- Strategy, concept and implementation of agile management, mission definition and execution
- Hardware Development process definition, implementation, improvement
- Hardware Maintenance and Operations concept definition, implementation and improvement
- Hardware Supply Chain Development, Risk Management and Strategic Partnership Implementation
- Hardware Customer Service concept and improvement
- Quality concept evaluation, definition, implementation and improvement
- Team Development - Insourcing & Outsourcing strategy, hiring support and strategic contracting

Ad-Hoc mission-based assignments in crisis situations 

Continuous Leadership Mentoring and Sparring

Special Mission: Hardware Engineering Team Set-Up

Spot-on hardware team builds with focus on diverse team setup of individual technical contributers, project & program managers as well as product managers. High attention paid to cross-functional cooperation to Software, Marketing and Financial departments.

Team Setup, Team Recruiting and Team Building for start-ups, holistic team change management for established corporation in transformation - always in close cooperation with customers people management unit.

My strength: Identifying individual demands and team requirements, matching individual strength into a successful and self-responsible team. Implementing a "freedom and responsibility" driven approach tailored to the teams targets and skills. 

Special Mission: Alliance Set-Up

Collaboration strategy, planning, implementation and continuous management for strategic product development missions, digitization projects and multi-partner cooperations. 

My strength: Merging individual strategic objectives into a joint purpose driven vision and implementing the necessary structures to enable partnership to succeed.

    Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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