Mentor, Advisor, Sparring Partner and Interim Manager for purpose driven projects, start-ups and alliances. 

Collaboration Planning and Collaboration Management for strategic missions as well as digitization project management in multi-partner alliances - spot-on team builds, MVP definition, growth planning and story telling. 

My strength: Merging individual strategic objectives into a joint purpose driven vision and implementing the necessary structures to enable the alliance to success.

Team Setup, Team Recruiting and Team Building for start-ups, holistic team change management for established corporation in transformation.

My strength: Identifying individual demands and team requirements, matching individual strength into a successful and self-responsible team. Implementing Freedom and responsibility driven appraoch tailored to the teams targets and skills.

Being passionate about creating an successful environment for setting up teams and multi-partner collaborations with purpose-driven objectives - I carefully choose my engagements accordingly.

    Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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